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immunoSEQ Assays utilize a multiplex PCR-based assay enabling us to sequence directly from genomic DNA. We provide precise, quantitative abundance data on your cell populations, unlike the relative abundance or variable expression data of RNA-based assays. Each immunoSEQ Assay contains rigorously designed synthetic immune templates as in-line controls plus optimized primers that ensure accurate, quantitative, and unbiased results with batch-to-batch consistency.

First, a synthetic immune repertoire was designed to represent all VJ-gene combinations.

Then, measuring against our synthetic repertoire, we were able to adjust our primer concentrations to significantly reduce amplification bias.

In-line controls for every sample enable us to measure amplification, correct residual bias, and provide absolute counts of the immune cells in your sample.

Our sophisticated bioinformatics platform corrects errors and collapses sequences to deliver highly accurate, high volume, standardized data sets.

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