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The immunoSEQ® Assays sequence the TCRB, TCRG, and IGH for human samples and TCRB for mouse samples.

The immunoSEQ Service includes access to the immunoSEQ Analyzer. The Analyzer is a powerful cloud-based software suite that lets you view, analyze, compare and share your immunosequencing data with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. The Analyzer makes it easy to explore your data, and organize and share projects with individuals, groups or as public data sets.

We have a library of Analyzer video tutorials to get you up to speed quickly on the functionality and features of the Analyzer. You can also see entire immunoSEQ data sets in immuneACCESS, our open-access database.

Using sorted cells as a starting material is a good choice when you’re interested in studying a particularly rare sub-set of cells, such as a T-regulatory population. If you were to sequence PBMCs without sorting, the population of Tregs might be too dilute to be identified in the sample without sorting first. If, however, you are interested in looking at T-cell density in a tumor, it’s important to sequence bulk tumor tissue.

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Access technical documents for getting started with the immunoSEQ® Service product, grant writing support, and FAQs.

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