CMV Classifier

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and the adaptive immune system

Did you know persistent viral infections like CMV drive the expansion of memory T cells, T-cell exhaustion, and a diminished cytotoxic T-cell response? It’s important to understand if and how the immune system has been affected by CMV.

immunoSEQ CMV Classifier can help advance understanding of the impact of CMV infection in health and disease.

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What does the classifier result tell you? Why does it matter?

CMV infection is highly prevalent in the population, between 60-90% of the population. It presents asymptomatically in most people and resides in a latent phase throughout one’s life. However, an underlying CMV infection can have significant impacts on the health of certain individuals.

CMV is co-involved or associated with several diseases and treatments in specific populations as it can adversely alter the T-cell repertoire. Therefore, insight into the CMV status of an individual, as provided by the CMV Classifier, can help researchers elucidate the role of CMV in a variety of disease states.

Applications of the CMV classifier

Given the high prevalence of CMV, researchers need to understand if and how a subject’s immune system has been affected by the virus. This information can help to contextualize the results of studies across a wide range of areas.

immunoSEQ T-MAP COVID Feature

In addition to detecting the CMV-specific immune response with the CMV Classifier, assess past T-cell immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 with a simple Positive or Negative result. Learn more about immunoSEQ’s T-MAP COVID feature.

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COVID-19 Applications

Learn how immunoSEQ® T-MAP™ COVID can help uncover the T-cell immune response in COVID-19.

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