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Discover the properties and dynamics of the immune repertoire with the quantitative power of the immunoSEQ® Assay.

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  • New Feature: immunoSEQ® CMV Classifier – Now Available!
    With immunoSEQ CMV Classifier, researchers can detect past CMV-specific immune responses to help understand the relationship of CMV and other diseases.
  • ON DEMAND – Impact of CMV infection on the T-cell repertoire—Insights from the immunoSEQ Assay
    Discover how immunoSEQ can help you to gain insights into the effects of CMV infection on T cells and identify CMV status with high sensitivity and specificity. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more.
  • UPCOMING WEBCAST – Using immunosequencing to characterize HLA and its role in disease
    Human leukocyte antigen proteins (HLA) are essential players in immune function, and HLA type is increasingly linked to disease susceptibility. Learn how in our upcoming webcast presented by Nature Research Custom Media on Wednesday, November 10th!
  • NEW—COVID-19 Publication Review
    In this review, we focus on lessons learned from COVID-19 research around detecting the virus and immune response, vaccine & drug development, variants and vaccine response, autoimmune disease, and oncology.
  • Quote Customization—Now Available!
    Choose from an array of assays and species to tailor your quote request and get started with immunoSEQ.
  • immunoSEQ® T-MAP™ COVID
    Get deep insights into the role of T cells in COVID-19 with applications in vaccine and therapeutic development.

The gold standard of immunosequencing

immunoSEQ Technology provides a quantitative, end-to-end immunosequencing solution that helps you discover the breadth and depth of the adaptive immune system. From experimental design to publication ready data, this solution gives you the power to decipher the complexity of the adaptive immune system, providing fundamental insights into the body’s response to disease and therapy at the cellular level.

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Rigor you can trust

In the rapidly expanding world of immunosequencing, turn to the proven technology that has been leveraged as a trusted solution and used in over 600 high-impact publications. We provide validated, reproducible immunosequencing results you can count on to drive your research forward.

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Flexibility to Scale

immunoSEQ Technology has adaptability to support diverse research applications and needs. We offer flexibility through a wide variety of sample types, including FFPE tissue, access to our assays through our Service lab or immunoSEQ® hsTCRB Kit product, and dedicated support services to help optimize your experiments and navigate challenges.

immunoSEQ research applications

Our immunosequencing solution has the adaptability to support diverse research applications and needs. Including basic immunology, translational research, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, oncology, and much more. Explore how researchers around the world are using the immunoSEQ Assay to drive discoveries.



Decode the T-cell response in COVID-19 with a comprehensive view of SARS-CoV-2 specific antigen and T-cell receptor (TCR) sequence level data combined with robust analytics tools. Study private vs public T-cell clones in COVID-19 and more.

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From data to discovery
immunoSEQ From Data To Discovery
immunoSEQ® Analyzer

Analyze immunosequencing data with sophisticated, yet easy to use data analysis tools, compare analysis from multiple investigators, and easily share your projects with colleagues and off-site collaborators.


Dive into the world’s largest collection of T-cell receptor (TCR) and B-cell receptor (BCR) sequences with immuneACCESS. Construct your own projects, draw your own conclusions, and freely publish new discoveries.

SEQdiscovery: the latest immunoSEQ news and updates

Explore our interactive and specially curated collection of high-value content including videos, webinars, blog posts, high impact-publications, white papers, and case studies. Access content and discover what is possible with the powerful immunoSEQ Technology.

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COVID-19 Applications

Learn how immunoSEQ® T-MAP™ COVID can help uncover the T-cell immune response in COVID-19.

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