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Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Wen-Kai Weng

Wen-Kai Weng, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, in the Blood & Marrow Transplantation division. The accomplished Dr. Weng has received numerous research and teaching awards and has published 19 papers on hematological malignancies and immunotherapy.

His current clinical focus is on lymphoma and he is conducting clinical trials with novel therapies on these patients.

He’s using immunoSEQ’s immune system profiling assay to study patients who have T-cell lymphoma and are receiving allogeneic bone marrow transplant.

“The data from immunoSEQ has provided me a totally new and improved way to look at T-cells,” commented Dr. Weng. “I can now view them at a much more precise molecular level to determine, for example, their degree of reconstitution after transplant.”

Specifically, Dr. Weng is able to track cancerous T-cell clones within a patient at numerous time points after treatment to monitor progression of the disease.

The immunoSEQ technology is ideal for monitoring residual disease because it’s trivial to identify a specific cancer clone pre-treatment and measure its prevalence in the total repertoire post-treatment.

“I’ve found the software extremely easy to use and the data has been surprisingly clean,” Dr. Weng concludes. “It’s met all my expectations.”

According to Dr. Weng, the preliminary data looks very encouraging, and he’s in the process of writing the report which he hopes to submit in the near future.

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