Our technology helps researchers further understand, diagnose, and identify treatments for a variety of cancers, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases with our diagnostic and drug discovery platforms.
Chad Robins,
President and CEO,
Adaptive Biotechnologies

What it is

A breakthrough method of measuring a person’s adaptive immunity through massive parallel sequencing of T and B cell receptors

immunoSEQ offers a proprietary suite of high-throughput immune profiling assays and powerful online software that allow researchers to characterize the complete immune repertoire of patients in search of immunologic biomarkers.


  • Each immunoSEQ assay uses an ultra-high-throughput sequencing platform developed to generate data only from the rearranged T cell and B cell receptor genes.
  • The result is millions of sequences per sample – and a quantitative description of the immune cell population.
  • The immunoSEQ Analyzer is powerful cloud-based software that gives you the tools for interpret all this data.

The Analyzer

A powerful, intuitive cloud-based software that allows researchers to intepret all their data.

immunoSEQ data can be used for many types of studies –  large or small, case and control studies, time series or other analyses – adding valuable insights to your understanding of the immune response in your research subjects.

Researchers use advanced visualization tools like 2D and 3D histograms; track specific clones across time; look for common receptors across patients in clinical trials; view repertoire characteristics that may predict response to a therapeutic.

We made sharing a central feature

You can easily create and share projects with people you work with – individually or in groups. You can also share your data with the public. And in turn, you can use publicly available data sets in conjunction with your own data. We think this is a real breakthrough in facilitating collaboration among scientists and researchers around the world, which will produce amazing results.

Create project-specific folders

You can now create experiment-specific folders with selected samples, so project management becomes much easier.


You can tag your samples with metadata which makes it easier to sort and filter them during analysis.

Advanced graphing software

The graphing software produces visuals that are more elegant and rich, and it’s now easier to download the high-quality graphs to use in your own publications.

Track Clones

You can also track clones with different visualization options.


Experience a hands-on demonstration right at your computer.

Test Drive the Analyzer 2.0

With the immunoSEQ Analyzer 2.0, researchers are able to interpret their data in amazing ways. You'll be able to:

  • Use new visualization tools and export publication quality graphics
  • Track specific clones across time
  • Look for common receptors across patients in clinical trials
  • Study repertoire characteristics that may predict response to a therapeutic
  • Add metadata to your samples with point-and-click simplicity
  • Create experiment-specific folders with selected samples
  • Share projects with colleagues or the public
  • Use in conjunction with your own data

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