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Adaptive’s Latest Internal Publication Featured in FHCRC’s Science Spotlight

At the end of June this year, Adaptive employees along with investigators from UW, UCSF, Children’s National Medical Center, and FHCRC published a paper in Clinical Cancer Research titled ‘Detection of minimal residual disease in patients with B lymphoblastic leukemia by high-throughput sequencing of IGH‘. On August 18th, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center did a… Read More→

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Rapid Growth of Tools and Technologies in DNA Sequencing recently published an article detailing the rapid growth of the tools and technologies in biotechnology. The first hallmark of advancement discussed was in DNA sequencing, which is the fundamental tool Adaptive leverages for immunoSEQ and for clonoSEQ. In fact, the editors of listed sequencing as the #1 most quickly developing tool in biotech…. Read More→

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Parasitic worms and the fight against autoimmune disorders

A research team, led by Dr Sandeep Chhabra from Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, recently published a report in the FASEB Journal that refines our mechanistic understanding of the relationship between human parasitic infections and autoimmune diseases. A type of immunotherapy known as helminthic therapy, involving the deliberate infection of a human host with parasitic worms… Read More→

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Protein sequences or DNA sequences?

Q: Do the Productive/Out-of-Frame/Has-Stop Uniques refer to the number of protein or DNA sequences?  It’s unclear as some of the clones may not have translatable protein sequences. A: Productive/Out-of-Frame/Has-Stop Uniques refer to the number of DNA sequences.  Each is labeled as productive (the entire TCR gene is expected to translate to a functional protein), stop (CDR3… Read More→

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Adaptive Customers Publish Latest Results in European Journal of Immunology

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Last week, a team of researchers from Oslo University Hospital, University of Oslo, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Akershus University Hospital published results from a study in which they used the immunoSEQ assay to explore EBV-reactivity in MS patients and controls. The study resulted in the findings that there is evidence for a clinically diverse intrathecal T-cell… Read More→

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FDA Takes Steps to Oversee Reliability of Certain Diagnostic Tests

The diagnostic market is growing across multiple therapeutic areas, with a steady stream of new Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) and Companion Diagnostics launching regularly each year. The FDA announced earlier this week a reinforced commitment to fostering personalized medicine while still ensuring the safety and reliability of these diagnostic tests. Specifically, the Companion Diagnostic guidance… Read More→

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Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Carolina Moore

Carolina Moore, PhD Position: Research Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School Home: Live in Boston, MA, but I’m from Chile Outside the lab: I read a lot — not science — but I read a lot. I enjoy reading the Chilean author Isabel Allende. What’s your focus? We are working on the characterization… Read More→

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