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DNA Testing Reveals More Than Intended

A recent New York Times article describing a murder case in Italy has brought up some interesting privacy concerns regarding large scale DNA testing. The 2010 murder or 13 year old Yara Gambirasio in Lombardy, Italy had little evidence for investigators, other than some stains on her clothing. DNA testing of the stains was performed… Read More→

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Adaptive Customer Kari Nadeau from Stanford Featured in NPR Interview

With the increased prevalence of severe allergic reactions to commonly encountered food products such as nuts, dairy products, egg, wheat and shellfish, researchers are working hard to investigate the underlying causes of this potentially devastating predisposition. Adaptive client Kari Nadeau from Stanford University is an internationally recognized researcher in this field and was recently featured… Read More→

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Newest Updates to the immunoSEQ Analyzer 2.0

We’re at it again! Here are the newest updates that have just been deployed to the analyzer. As always, we’re looking for ways to provide you the best analysis experience. Group Analysis option added for Gene Frequency Histogram Stacked Histogram view added for Gene Frequency Analysis Confidence Intervals added to Sequence Detail Analysis Quality Control… Read More→

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Have you signed up to attend the Immunogenomics 2014 conference?

This conference will be held at the HudsonAlpha Biotechnology Campus in Huntsville, Alabama Sept 29 – Oct 1 2014. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday July 18, 2014 at 12pm ET. Harlan Robins (Adaptive Biotechnologies CSO and co-founder) will be the Session Chair at the session entitled ‘Immunodiversity and Individual Responses to Immune Challenge’, which… Read More→

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Diagnosing an Ancient Disease with Shotgun Metagenomics

Italian researchers and their colleagues used DNA sequencing to diagnose an ancient disease observed in a 14th century skeleton excavated from an abandoned settlement in northwest Sardinia.  Kay et al. reported their results in the July 15 edition of mBio, the American Society for Microbiology’s open access journal[i]. On the skeleton, Kay et al. observed… Read More→

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Baby ‘Cured’ of HIV Now Has Detectable Levels of the Virus in Her Blood

While we all love to share heart-warming stories, this story recently published on CNN health serves as a powerful reminder that miracle cures are rare and don’t come easily.  We live in a complicated world, and everything from viruses to cancer cells, are under selection to evade our detection, escape our treatments and prosper at our… Read More→

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Building and Using the Adaptive Database of Immune Receptor Sequences

After about 5 years, Adaptive Biotechnologies has now grown to include over 300 academic clients, more than 30 Pharma clients, and a CLIA-approved clinical service that serves a number of major tertiary care medical centers. The immunoSEQ platform has now generated over 65 billion total sequences of which greater than 1.24 billion are unique (representing independent V(D)J… Read More→

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B Cells: More than just a pretty antibody

In an article published online with the Journal of Immunology 1 July, 2014, investigators led by Dr. Shane Grey from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, NSW, Australia, report on a novel function of B cells in adaptive immune system development and function.  The authors specifically report on their identification of a role in… Read More→

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