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20-year Biotech Outlook and the Big Data Opportunity

Our friends over at Xconomy recently held a panel discussion on the 20-year outlook for the San Diego life sciences industry. On the panel were John Mendlein of San Diego-based Fate Therapeutics, Paul Schimmel of The Scripps Research Institute, Dan Bradbury of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, and Rusty Gage of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Some… Read More→

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A ‘Build Your Own’ Anti-virus Immune System?

It’s not that simple, but scientists from the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences and colleagues recently published a report in Nature about the creation of a Virus-specific T Cell Receptor Library to target viral infections. The team sorted T cells from donors with specific antibodies and amplified TCR alpha and beta genes. After cloning, they… Read More→

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Comparing Sequencing Data to Outside Sequences

Q: I recently sent in tumor samples and just got my results. Is there a way to compare the sequences of the clones to the sequence of the tumor? The tumor sequence is available in genbank but I’m not sure where in the analysis software I can upload this sequence for comparison. A: ImmunoSEQ doesn’t have… Read More→

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PDL1 Expression: Marker or Not?

All eyes are watching five pharmaceutical companies race to develop and launch a PD1 or PDL1 inhibitor in various tumor types.  Attempting to screen for high PD1 or PDL1 expression as a strategy to enrich patient populations has been tested to predict efficacy/segment patients. To date, while the data for these drugs looks very promising,… Read More→

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New Target for Cancer Immunotherapy?

CTLA-4 is a checkpoint protein responsible for down-regulating the immune system. Anti-CTLA-4 antibodies, which block this checkpoint and result in prolonged T-cell activation, represent one therapy currently in use in advanced melanoma to help the immune system to better fight cancer. In a recent advanced online publication in Nature Immunology, Amnon Altman and colleagues at… Read More→

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Private Investment Puts Adaptive in the Press

Yesterday, Adaptive announced the completion of a Series C financing round as well as the completion of a newly created Series D round with a $105 million investment from Viking Global Investors. This exciting news has spurred may articles in the press, here are a few from Xconomy, The Seattle Times, Puget Sound Business Journal,… Read More→

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Adaptive Biotechnologies Announces Completion of Series C and Series D Financing Rounds Through a $105 million Private Investment from Viking Global Investors

Adaptive Offices

Adaptive announced today the completion of the Company’s Series C financing round and the completion of a newly created Series D round with a $105 million investment from Viking Global Investors.  This investment will enable the Company to expand globally its preeminent immunosequencing research platform and downstream validated clinical diagnostic products.

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IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Enlisted in Fighting Cancer

A recent article in the New York Times describes how oncologists at the New York Genome Center have turned to Watson, the supercomputer famous for beating human contestants at Jeopardy, to assist in devising treatment plans for patients with glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is a devastating type of brain cancer; most patients do to survive a year… Read More→

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